Welcome to Viola-Treatments

I am passionate about the therapeutic and often spiritual benefits that massage provides.

Massage, physical connection is the best tool to reduce stess and depression.
I know how to make you feel better, look better and be healthier with my holistic, theraputic services.

I started my work experience as a cosmetician in 2007. I was finalist in the National Competition for Best Cosmetician in 2008 in Hungary.  In addition have taught doing make-up for professional models.
I also learned to extend eyelashes in 2015.
I used to work privately and also for a dermatological aesthetic beauty salon but currently all of these services are suspended in order to spare time for massage related services.

My career as a masseuse started in 2009 focusing on medical related massage, developing in the following specialist massage techniques.

Original Dr. E. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Tibetan Healing Massage and Stretching, Wat Pho Thai Massage, Indian Ayurvedic Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Foot Massage, Deep Tissue, Doterra-Aromatouch Technique.

I am continouosly refreshing my knowledge and extending with secondarily related knowledges.
These interests are Energy-healing, Buddhism, Psychology, Palmistry, Astrology, Tibetan medicine, Meridian lines, Aromatherapy, Dietetics, Yoga, Body workout.

Various traditional massage-techniques with options of natural oil, aromatherapy or dry treatments.
Facial, full body and focused area treatments.
Full stretching and passive gymnastic techniques.
Relax or be active, choose what your current state needs.
Bespoke programmes designed for you.