This is an ancient Japanese bodywork, literally not a massage technique. It combines Chinese acupressure and energy healing. Holistic treatment, so we always treat the total body considering the human as a whole. Most of all it reduces stress, harmonises energies and prevents disease.

Physically it uses acupressure and stretching, mostly includes finger and palm pressing techniques. The pressures are not necessarily strong. The power of pressing depends on the tension and energy level of the specific point. The pressures take place on meridian channels, on points connected to specific organs.

During the treatment it is necessary to establish a good relationship with the patient.

In order to heal and reach energy flow a good state of trust is needed from the client’s side.
On the side of the masseur a tuned and focused state is required to perceive the signals of the body, the absence or the surplus of energy.

This treatment has a good effect on autonomic nervous system as well. The patient becomes capable of dissolving illnesses, tensions caused by stress.

Altogether the patient’s wellbeing improves, pains become reduced, and organs function more harmonious after the treatment.

The treatment traditionally takes place on the floor, on a mat or mattress. It can also be carried out on bed, if the mattress is firm. The massage is free of creams and oils. Wearing comfortable cotton clothing is the ideal.

The treatment takes 1 hour.



The treatment is not recommended in following cases:

  • high fever
  • pregnancy
  • if the patient cannot lie on the stomach or on the back comfortably
  • under the effect of alcohol or drug
  • acute inflammation
  • heavy osteoporosis
Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage

Meridian lines and Acupressure Points

Meridian lines and Acupressure Points