Tibetan Healing Massage and Stretching

This healing technique has become known only recently, after China invaded Tibet in 1950s. During the invasions of monasteries the escaping masters gave their knowledge to our current teachers in order to preserve the traditional techniques.

The treatment is a mixed sequence of movements that affects skin, surface and deep tissues, organs, bones, lymph and blood circulation, flow of energy. It has a continuous rhythmic treatment process, this way the patient gets to a relaxed state. The whole body can be treated, head to toe.
The massage can be performed either with stronger or more gentle movements. The strongly performed massage improves blood circulation and blood formation. Gentle movements stimulate the circulation of the lymph system.
Both ways the stimulation on meridian lines is basic point of the massage. This enhances the flow of energy towards the body, relieves blocks, and helps the harmonic functioning, healing of the organism.

The treatment takes 1 1/2 – 2 hours, depending on the size and needs of the patient.
The technique doesn’t need any transmitting oil or cream on skin surface.
The massage takes place on the floor, on comfortable-firm mattress.

Traditionally the patient wears thin cotton clothes during the treatment. This can be short or long-sleeves T-shirt, vest and short but preferably long pants. The suitable dress for the massage can be provided for at no extra cost.

Traditional Tibetan Healing Stretching
I recommend to complete the massage with the Traditional Tibetan Healing Stretching, working with straining and stretching movements performed on the passive body. As this technique is based on the Traditional Tibetan Massage process, it is optimal to use it afterwards. It can take up to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the needs of the patient.

Tibetan Healing Massage

Harmonization on the meridian lines

Not recommended in the following cases:

  • bone disease if you would like deeper pressures.
  • infectious disease
  • high fever
  • malignant tumor
  • pregnancy
  • heavy varicose vein swelling
  • after surgery within 6 weeks.
  • under effect of alcohol or drug
  • When taking anticoagulant medicines (specifically if you would like deep pressures)
  • During taking anticoagulant medicines if you would like deeper pressures
  • In case of hangover it may cause nausea, diarrhea

József Petrezselyem is a European master of the Tibetan Traditional Massage