Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

My own massage style was considered Thai even years ago. After these opinions and after doing several eastern massage trainings I can state that this knowledge was hidden somewhere deep in me. During the training and after each treatment the masseur understands the body more and more. The massage is a kind of communication with the body according to its state.

The difference between the traditional kinds is in the ways of healing, in which aspect is chosen superior to another.

There is wide variety of Thai massages, I have tried a lot myself, but they did not have equally good effect on my body. The heritage of original Thai massage with medical purposes is kept in one of the most ancient Buddhist Temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho.

I recommend this treatment traditionally without oil, wearing special loose cotton clothes, lying on a mat or firm mattress on the floor, determined by definite touch sequence. The suitable dress for the massage is provided for incase.

The oily massage cannot give the same efficiency, but it can easily become a favourite to any client.

Duration and moves of the massage can be composed personalized starting with toe to head massage.
The full massage session with all possible movements takes 3 hours. An average Thai treatment takes 30/60/90/120 minutes depending on the patient’s needs.

The massage combines point pressures of fingertips, pressures of palms, elbows, knees and soles. Its other feature is the plenty of stretching and pulling of muscles and joints.  These touches relax the body, liberate the energy blocks to restore the flow of energy channels, heal the body through resting it.

To experience this legacy of our ancestors, the most popular massage technique of the eastern world, all you need is to book an appointment.

I advice this treatment to everyone who would like a massage balancing his or her general health, has spasticity of muscles, tight joints or organs working insufficiently, is exhausted, stressful or just wants to spent his/her free time in a pleasant way.

The massage is not recommended in the following cases:

  • bone disease
  • infectious disease
  • high fever
  • malignant tumor
  • pregnancy
  • heavy varicose vein swelling
  • after surgery within 6 weeks.
  • under effect of alcohol or drog

For patients with heart or blood pressure insufficiency it is necessary to bring written permission from their doctor.

In case of prosthesis only partial massages are possible.

Wat Pho Thai Massage

Wat Pho Tradicional Medical Thai Massage