In symbiosis with the Universe – Astrological guide in health and beauty topics

The Moon impacts many physical phenomenons on the Earth, among which: tide, Earth’s orbit, plate tectonics and change of seasons.
It is also a major spiritual figure as various cults have developed over the ages.

The human body is similar to the Earth: both are composed of 70% water, have a circulation system and various aura layers, chakras and meridian lines. The human DNA can also be compared to the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Astrology is the most elaborate science. It is part of the tradicional medical practice.

As such, we are also effected by the planets, in the same way as they effect the Earth. We are all connected to each other in the Universe. The Universe mirrors the human body, a macrocosm of the same patterns and forces.

fullmoon Full moon:
If possible, try to avoid surgeries during full moon (and during the days that are preceding and following).
During the full moon, surgical wounds heal slower and harder, they can get swollen and inflammated. Bleeding frequency is also increased.
It is recommended to clean the skin, detoxify and shape the body; cut hair and nail or to plan hair removal at waning moon.
It is also more efficient if we clean our home at this time.

newmoonNew moon: It is recommended to plan surgeries for the new moon period.
We should start the nourishing and beautifying  treatments from the new moon to the full moon.
Tint your eyebrows and eyelashes or colour your hair.
Choose this time to extend your eyelashes for long-term effects.

Are you interested to know which astrological sign the moon is passing through currently?
Would you like to know what are the cosmic effects of the moon on your health and beauty?

Please follow the astrology chart every month.


ariesAries. Fire element. Energetic, active day. You are maybe inconsiderate in these days.
Body parts belonging to Aries: Head, sinuses, teeth, nail, blood, adrenal gland, gall bladder, striated muscles.
Health and beauty care at the time of Aries: Body shaping; beauty spa; facial and head massage. Energetic treatment of the head.
Purple and green colour therapy.
Herbs of Aries: Lemongrass, valerian.

taurusTaurus. Earth element. You are maybe slower, lazier than usually. You need company and pamper your senses.
Body parts belonging to Taurus: Throat, neck, occiput, cervical vertebrae, larynx, tonsils, thyroid gland, vocal cords, esophagus, salivary glands.
Health and beauty care at the time of Taurus: Massage and spa therapy; aromatherapy; neck massage.
Blue and green colour therapy.
Herbs of Taurus: Ginseng, sage, thyme, lemongrass, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon.

geminiGemini. Air element. You need more space, air, being outside, meet someone or try something new.
Body parts belonging to Gemini: Respiratory system, lungs, organs of hearing, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, motor nerves, extremities.
Health and beauty care at the time of Gemini: Hand, arm and foot care; refreshing bath; inhalation of essential oils; breathing exercises; any form of movement and exercise.
Purple and green colour therapy.
Herbs of Gemini: Elderberry, linden, plantain, lemongrass.

cancerCancer. Water elemt. More emotional days, you need more time at home or with your family or love. You may having desire to be in water or spa.
Body parts belonging to Cancer: Stomach, breast, ovary, uterus, mucous membranes, fluid balance.
Health and beauty care at the time of Cancer: Cleansing and detoxification; abdominal massage; digestive herbal teas; steaming; breast massage; cellulite treatments; relaxing bath, Kneipp-cure, bathing; breathing exercises; sun-bathing.
Green, yellow, orange and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Cancer: Sage, anemone, nettle, marjoram, tarragon.

leo Leo. Fire element. A little bit emotionally sensitive days. You like luxury. You also want to use your creativity.
Body parts belonging to Leo: Heart, spine, back, chest, eyes, solar plexus chakra, sympathetic nervous system.
Health and beauty care at the time of Leo: Any kind of exercise; back and chest massage; spinal training; wellness; make-up; beauty treatments; detoxification.
Purple, green and yellow colour therapy.
Herbs of Leo: Chamomile, calendula, foxglove, hawthorn, saffron, rosemary, rose.

virgo Virgo. Earth element. Tidy up your life! Cleaning and long-delayed things are easy to do on these days!
Body parts belonging to Virgo: Digestive system, recruitment and the breakdown of food in the small intestine, pancreatic secretory function, diaphragm, hands, spleen.
Health and beauty care at the time of Virgo: Abdominal Massage; tinting eyebrows and eyelashes; eyelash extension; hand and nail care; purifying therapies; relaxing massage or spa treatment; allergy treatment.
Yellow colour therapy.
Herbs of Virgo: Chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, dandelion, valerian.


 Libra. Air element. You are more proactive with your relationships than usual. You beautify the environment and yourself and are also more interested in the compliments.
Body parts belonging to Libra:
Lumbar region, kidney, bladder, female genital organs, generally glands, pancreatic insulin production, skin.
Health and beauty care at the time of Libra: Any cosmetic treatment; make-up; tinting eyebrows and eyelashes; hair coloring; beauty treatments; sauna; aromatherapy; essential oil massage; cellulite treatment; drinking cure; fasting with liquids only; detoxification.
Purple, green, yellow and orange colour therapy.
Herbs of Libra: Jasmine, rose, lavender, valerian, lemongrass, dandelion.

scorpio Scorpio. Water element. You are more receptive to spiritual things. Passionate days.
Body parts belonging to Scorpio: Colon, rectum, anus, male genitals, urogenital part, crosses and coccyx, nose, sweat glands.
Health and beauty care at the time of Scorpio:
Calming massages and spa; meditation; relaxation; psychotherapy; spiritual exercises; retreat; detoxification; prolonged fasting; piercing; tattoo; acupuncture; acupressure.
Purple, orange and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Scorpio: Nettles, basil, hawthorn, anemone.

saggitarius Sagittarius. Fire element. You are in action and stand up with new ideas. You feel you need to travel or go out with your friends. You are doing something for others or for the environment.
Body parts belonging to Sagittarius: Hips, buttocks, sacrum, thighs, liver detoxification, metabolism, intervertebral discs, body growth.
Health and beauty care at the time of Sagittarius:
Any kind of exercise and movement; morning gymnastics; buttocks and thigh toning exercises and massage; cellulite treatment; vaulting and therapeutic riding; liver cleansing; wellness.
Purple, yellow, orange and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Sage, dandelion, nutmeg, ginseng, arnica, basil, horse chestnut, lavender, olives, grapes, walnuts.

capricorn Capricorn. Earth element. Your mind is occupied by objectives and tasks so you need silence.
Body parts belonging to Capricorn:
Skeletal system, joints, tendons, ligaments, knees, skin, hair, body hair, nails, teeth.
Health and beauty care at the time of Capricorn:
Spinal training; massages; hot stone massage; physiotherapy; hair removal; cosmetic beauty treatments; skin nutrition; hand, foot and nail care; fasting; detoxification; plaque removal.
Purple, green and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Capricorn: Comfrey, milk thistle, horsetail, shepherd’s purse.

 aquarius Aquarius. Air element. You need change in your life. You are more easy going than usual and need your own space as well. Your intuition increases, you may look for an astrologist or palm reader.
Body parts belonging to Aquarius:
Nervous system, lower legs, calves, ankles, rhythmic patterns in the body.
Health and beauty care at the time of Aquarius:
electrotherapy; Bio-resonance; refreshing bath and massage; Kneipp cure; breathing exercises, or high mountain cave or a salt cavern air treatment; health or aesthetic surgery; acupuncture.
Purple, blue, green and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Aquarius: St. John’s Wort, Angelica, elderberry, mullein.

gemini Pisces. Water elemt. You preferably live a spiritual life in these days, you are open to the mystical things. Now you would like to love and to be loved. You feel the ’water calls’ you.
Body parts belonging to Pisces: Forefoot, soles, toes, endocrine system, lymphatic system.
Health and beauty care at the time of Pisces: Foot bath; foot massage; lymph drainage; relaxation; meditation; relaxing baths; essential oil massage; swimming; water gymnastics; feet gymnastic; inhalation; sauna; steam room; fasting with liquids; corns, calluses and verruca removal.
Purple, green and red colour therapy.
Herbs of Pisces: Lavender, aloe vera, primula veris, rosehip, cocoa, coffee.