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    I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful massage treatments you have provided (and will continue to provide!). They have been a great way of alleviating the stress and tiredness I have previously been experiencing thanks to my gruelling work / (no) life balance.

    To give more context to anyone reading this beyond Viola: I am a financier but I am not an ordinary financier (well except for the the long hours and stress!). However, I do manage to squeeze in meditation and gym exercises in between the 14 hour work days. Even with this, I was feeling incredibly exhausted by the end of each week. What I needed was a professional full body massage. What I receive from Viola is far beyond that. Viola provides deeper interconnectedness on my spiritual existence and managed to notice a few areas where I can work on physically and mentally (along with some great reading). Viola is incredibly professional, discreet and will allow the mind to go on a journey that is far beyond the conventional treatments one may receive in the W1 area.

    Where am I now? I am in a better place spiritually and physically with my stress diminshing profoundly thanks to Viola’s treatments and wisdom.

    I cannot thank you enough Viola.

    See you very soon.

    Very best

    I first had a massage from Viola about two years ago. I have a largely desk-based job and also at a young daughter who wants to be picked up all the time! This means I do find that I get aches and some reduced mobility in my back and neck, so massage is a great way to help with this.

    From the first session with Viola it was very obvious that she understood my particular needs and gave a treatment that was tailored to me. It left me feeling fantastic – clearly better than your average massage! Her combination of massage and stretching is great and leaves me feeling rejuvenated after every session. I have had massages from Viola ever since that first time.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Asides from the massage, she is also charming, engaging, and an uplifting person to be around.

    Not only body-massage but also soul-massage that I’ve received and I’m hoping to have some more other magical experience like those.
    It’s always special, energising, refilling, something like angelic care.
    I can forget about the daily nuisance. It’s just for me and always gives something unforgettable.
    An amazing massage & wonderful experience
    The massage was very professional & good,
    I deal with her  more than three and a half years after she moved to London
    Viola is very friendly, listens well and works extreme professional. Thank you for an awesome first time experience.
    She really knows how to make you a happier person when you leave her place.  She knew exactly where my muscles needed more attention and it felt like a real present. She really makes you feel comfortable and at home
    So, don’t hesitate but book a massage at her place, you won’t regret!!!
    you have great hands Viola
    I highly recommend her, the best massage and relax you will ever have in your life.
    Mo Zaza
    I have had many massages and many different massage therapists and I can honestly say that Viola is one of the best therapists you could have. 
    She is extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced on all aspects of massage and health and is very skilled and qualified at many different styles of massage. 
    I have been fortunate enough to receive several massage treatments from Viola, from Tibetan stretching, deep tissue, relaxing massage and lymph drain massage,
    all carried out to a very high standard. I always feel 100% better and more rejuvenated after a massage from her. 
    Viola is also a very easy going, friendly and smiley person who brings a positive and relaxing vibe to each treatment she provides. 
    You are always in good hands with a Viola massage.

    Me and my husband got wedding makeup by Viola. The final look was cool. The atmosphere and mood was nice with her. 🙂

    I had the most amazing massage with Viola , 90 minutes of pure bliss .Viola is not only beautiful on the outside she has a beautiful inside .
    The massage incorporated amazing stretches was deep was soft and sensuous , without a doubt the most amazing treatment I have ever had and I am so looking to having another one with Viola soon.
    Having a massage with Viola has always been a wonderful experience.
    I can feel that for the time being, I am the most important person in the world for her.
    I love bathing in this atmosphere of caring attention. Her gentle touch can be strong enough if needed, and she is well trained to know the knack of her profession. I just love it, whatever part of my body she’s working on. Time ceases to be, and when I get off the bed with wings to fly, I feel easy and smooth. Harmomy, that is the word.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Viola as she is an excellent beautitian and also the perfect massage specialist. 🙂


    ‘As a competitive rower and office worker, my back and my posture suffer a lot. For a few years now, Viola has been putting me back together. I would recommend her to everyone’

    Matt The Rower
    Dear Viola!

    We’ve got to know each other about 6 years ago. At the first time you caught me by your kindness, modesty and the humility for your profession.

    I was surprised by despite your young age how much wisdom of life you have got.
    I’ve got from you many times heed advices.
    I was having many beauty, energy healing and massage therapies which are were healing not only my body but also you tried to heal my soul.
    Your hands and nice and skilful but if it’s necessary also strong enough.
    You are more than a good beautician or masseuse. You are a honest good friend.
    Viola is great and I highly recommend her.  Viola is trained in a variety of massage and stretching techniques and after discussing your needs will tailor a massage just for you. I’ve enjoyed long relaxing massages when I’ve needed to recharge my batteries and more specific one to deal with back pain. The end result is always the same, an amazing feeling and me feeling like a new man.
    I’ve met now for nearly two years and feel very comfortable with her, she is friendly, funny and overall a great person.

    She is friendly person and highly qualified with knowledge of many styles of massages Viola’s gentle “Stretch Massage”  is an awesome experience.I regularly have as much “stretch” as I need with Viola. I’ve improved by continued stretching. Good Hands..!