You are what you eat!

Around us many people suffer from different kinds of diseases and they don’t even know that there might be connection between their state and their eating habits. Most people think diseases come from outside and they cannot intervene. But civilisation diseases develop due to our lifestyle and we can do a lot for ourselves if we realise this and assume responsibility for what we put into our bodies. What majority accepts in our surroundings isn’t necessarily appropriate – we have seen many examples for this in history. With this article I would like to encourage those who seek solutions for their problems to examine their old eating habits and dare to try gluten-, milk- and sugar free life at least for a few days.

Many don’t know what is all the hysteria about gluten, dairy and sugar lately. What happened suddenly with wheat flour, cow milk and granulated sugar that even our grandparents ate and had no problems?

The problem is complex. I start with wheat flour, the pillar of European nutrition. First of all, the wheat flour we consume is not the same as the wheat flour 100 years ago. Because since then, as a result of plant breeding, the content of gluten, lectin and phytate in flour has increased. The whole wheat flour, whether it is rye, wheat or spelt flour contains even more of these than refined ones.

The other huge problem is that in the recent 100 years our society and our lifestyle have changed so much, we take the constant existence of food for granted. Anytime, anywhere, even in the rush we can swallow some cheap pastry, yogurt or sweets. Our grandparents didn’t eat croissant, brownie, and whole-wheat baguette with light margarine, fast-ripened meat and sliced cheese every day, just to mention a few of these. In food industry dumping, it is highly difficult to choose consciously and well when ads are roaring everywhere and all our senses are stimulated (plenty of brilliant marketing professionals are working on it). In addition, we have been nourished with gluten as a supplement material (furthermore with lectines and phytates that are present in dairy products) since babyhood, so by the time of raising our consciousness and remembering, around the age of 3 we are already addicted. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, gliadin and glutenine occurring mostly in cereals. Refined sugar and gluten containing carbohydrate cause addiction! Beside addiction the big volume of phytate, lectine and gluten in soy and cereals obstruct the absorption of trace elements and minerals.

In the mechanism of addiction the gluten and the lectines of cereals confuse the organism’s leptin balance, which is responsible for our sensation of hunger and satiety; we can still feel hungry even when we are already full. They interrupt in the hormone system of the body in many points. They irritate the small intestine so the trace elements cannot be absorbed, in the large intestine the gluten subsides and behaves as glue, just as in dairy products. Wheat is refined this way containing the highest level of gluten to be better commodity, to be easier baked with more spectacular result. It sticks together with the semi-digested food and causes diarrhoea, slow digestion and kills intestinal bacteria. The intestinal bacteria are responsible in 70 percent for our immune system. The lectines cause leaky gut syndrome, which is very dangerous because any undigested protein got into blood circulation can cause autoimmune processes (allergy, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, food intolerance, etc). Milk proteins are very similar to our immune proteins. The cows on factory farms are under hormone treatment. The milk proteins reaching the blood stream upset the balance of our hormones.

Eating refined carbohydrates causes continuous fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin level indulging a hunger-gluttony-food coma series of action. Gluten intolerant people who know about their sensibility might be the fortunate ones in a certain sense. Although everyone feels pity for them, because „they can’t eat anything”, at least they don’t suffer from this instable state of body and soul caused by the fluctuation in blood sugar level. After a while, if they follow a suitable gluten- free menu, their immune system becomes stronger and they avoid diseases from afar. The main cause of inflammation on body level is the gluten-sugar-milk combination, the base of civilization diseases. Illnesses start in early childhood and the surroundings think it absolutely normal that the child catches flu and gets sick every time, in reality his/her immune system cannot work because of everyday gluten and milk consuming. That is why he/she catches every disease and then calms the symptoms with medicines that destroy his/her intestinal flora. These materials, lectin and gluten keep the organism in constant inflammation, this is the reason of every diseases.

There are more serious problems with milk. No matter we have milk resistance or not, we don’t bear the necessary enzymes and bacteria to break it down. Mother milk has function in babyhood, we can break it down at that time only. As an adult we don’t produce naturally any lactase or any enzyme that can break it down. Some people might have a mutated gene that produce lactase also in adulthood, but this doesn’t mean a full metabolism conformation to cow milk. The lactobacilli are responsible for breaking down the elements of milk. These bacilli normally shouldn’t exist in our intestinal flora at all. But, in case we consume milk regularly they settle down and supersede other useful bacterial species. Cow milk is another animal’s mother milk, it is for feeding the calf. Other question is that it is possible to make the cow produce even 50 l of milk with hormones and artificial insemination. Cows of milk industry produce about 50 l milk per day while this quantity was 7 l a hundred years ago. Milk contains a lot of growth hormones, like IGF, insulin-like growth factor, to help the calf grow faster; these are needless for adult humans. Milk requires much more insulin response from organism than we would expect based on its milksugar content and glycemic index. As I already mentioned the serious problems like inflammation in whole body, diabetes, insulin resistance, mood swings caused by fluctuation in insulin and blood sugar level. Milk also causes addiction, because it contains a milk protein called casein that transforms into casomorphine, an opioid material, in our organism. For example, this is why a baby fed with cow milk based nutrition sleeps more. This also explains why people stick to their morning yogurt, cheese or some milk in coffee. Those who say they don’t drink milk, usually put some milk in tea and coffee or eat yogurt, cheese, food made with cream, dairy products made with milk. Average people are not aware that almost every product contains milk. Moreover, they are usually combined with sugar and wheat flour. This is how metabolic syndrome is made. Raw milk is not much better, there is no other species on Earth who drinks milk of other species. In raw milk there are even more hormones as it is not watered and heat-treated.

This video may contain disturbing elements!